Cable for offshore fishing has many uses.

Great for trolling weights, stiff rigs, and shortened leaders on high speed lures.

Cable for offshore fishing is an important item to keep in your arsenal.  We offer a few different sizes of stainless steel cable for different applications.

The most common applications are high speed trolling weights, stiff rigs, and short leaders on high speed lures.  “Through-hole” style trolling weights ride on a piece of cable, held in place by rigging beads and crimp sleeves.  This design works great because you can simply replace the cable if it gets kinked or damaged over time.  Stiff rigs offer anglers great durability when fishing for big billfish, the cable construction lasts a long time and can take the abrasion presented by bills.  High speed lures use cable because it’s durable and can take the crazy drag and abuse put on by high speed trolling.  Whatever your application is, we have the cable for you.

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