2018 Fishing Gift Guide from The Tackle Room

Our fishing gift guide has something for anglers of all sorts.  We’ve got the best holiday fishing deals and Black Friday/Cyber Monday fishing specials on the web.  Keep an eye on this page as we will add and update deals as stock is depleted or comes available.  Our holiday gift assortment includes some seriously great deals.  We’ve got Christmas deals from top brands like Rapala, Sea Striker, Toadfish Outfitters, Epic Fishing Co. and more.  Gifts range from lures to fishing tools, to kitchen accessories.  Save up to 80% on fishing gear this holiday season with The Tackle Room.  Shop with confidence, we have fast shipping that’s free for orders $50+ and all transactions are secure.  If you have a question about fishing gifts, give us a call at 888.453.3742, send us an email, or hop on live chat.  We want to help you give the best gifts this holiday season.

7′ Med/Heavy King Rod by Blacktip | Save 55% While Supplies Last | Was 109.99 – Now $49.99

Why we like it:  This is a nicely made rod with top notch components at a bargain basement price.  You get quality parts from Pac Bay and a proven e-glass blank for the cost of a discount rod.  Tough to beat!

Who is it good for?  Anglers who like targeting King Mackerel.  You could also use this rod for other lighter trolling applications. 

Free Gotcha Pocket Knife | With any 3 or More Gotcha, Clarkspoons, or CoCo the Crab Lures (Mix/Match)

Why we like it:  These little knives are cool as can be.  They look just like the fabled Gotcha plug we all know and love.  You can use it for normal “pocket knife stuff” or as a cool new addition to the Christmas tree as it makes a great ornament.

Who is it good for?  Anyone who likes to fish for inshore/nearshore species, whether with jigs, hard baits, or trolling.  The qualifying lures are easy to pick from and all of them work extremely well.

Toadfish Professional Oyster Knife | Save 34% While Supplies Last | Was $37.99 Now $24.99

Why we like it:  Toadfish makes awesome gear that has been on fire this holiday season.  These knives are first class in terms of quality and aesthetics.  The discount is just icing on the cake!

Who is it good for?  Anyone who likes to eat shellfish or entertain.  These quality knives are a game changer.

Crab Claw Cutter by Toadfish | Now in Stock | $37.99

Why we like it:  Toadfish makes some killer stuff.  They replenish oyster beds with every purchase.  This tool makes quick work of stone, king, dungeness and any other crab claw.  It’s even got a bottle opener built in!

Who is it good for?  Anyone who enjoys preparing and eating shellfish, shrimp, and crabs.  Perfect gift for folks who like to entertain.  

Camo Dry Bag by Calcutta | 2 Sizes | Save 48% While Supplies Last

Why we like it:  These dry bags are very durable.  Thermal welded seams and tough closures make for a long lasting storage solution.  Plus, everybody loves camo and the Realtree Max 5 is sweet!

Who is it good for?  Anyone who spends much time outdoors.  Sooner or later, your gear is going to get wet.  Save some loot on one of these bags and keep it dry.  

Sea Striker 9″ Fillet Knife | Save 32% While Supplies Last | Was $21.99 – Now $14.99

Why we like it:  These fillet knives are much nicer than the price would lead you to believe.  The blades are tough, sharp, and long lasting.  Also, the handles are super comfy.  This is a great knife and an even better deal.

Who is it good for?  Anglers who like to clean their catch.  This knife will make quick work of most any fish species.  

Sea Striker Aluminum Pliers w/ Sheath | Save 50% While Supplies Last | Was $19.99 – Now $9.99

Why we like it:  You can’t go wrong with inexpensive aluminum pliers.  These are well made and easy on the wallet.  Best of all, you won’t get heart failure if they fall overboard or a fishing buddy accidentally sticks them in his pocket.

Who is it good for?  Anglers looking for affordable stocking stuffers, and those who don’t want to mortgage their house for expensive Ti pliers.

Cedrus Casting/Trolling Lure | Save 80% While Supplies Last | Was $29.99 – Now $5.99

Why we like it:  These lures are much nicer than the price tag indicates.  They’re very well made and the finishes are beautiful.  We are suckers for natural wood lures also, so that helps.  The hardware is strong and the hooks are VMC, which are known to be good quality.

Who is it good for?  Anyone who fishes for King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin), Tuna, Stripers (Rock Fish).  Those who appreciate older style lures.  Folks who just love fishing with different lures than the same ol’ same ol.  No one can ever have too many lures, especially at this price.

Strike Point Vegas Dredge Kits | Save 25% While Supplies Last | Was 119.99 – Now $89.99

Why we like it:  This hand scale is incredibly well built.  The stainless construction is perfect.  It’s an easy to use hand scale, plus Rapala throws in a free bottle of oil with it to keep the joints lubricated.  Tough to beat at this blowout price.

Who is it good for?  Anglers that want to know how much their catch weighs.  Folks that want to be able to weigh fish at home instead of the local tackle shop.  A great gift for the angler who seems to have everything except a good scale!

Calcutta 12pk Mahi Soft Side Cooler | Save 38% While Supplies Last | Was 39.99 – Now $24.99

Why we like it:  The Calcutta soft coolers are a tough product that works great on the boat, at the ball field, or for family trips to the sand bar.  These coolers work great and they are affordable.  We’ve sold a ton of them this past Summer without complaint.

Who is it good for?  This is a tough one, really, everybody needs a decent cooler.  These soft coolers are probably best for folks who need to do more than just one thing with their cooler.  The versatility is really the big deal with these things.  

Free Oyster Knife with Toadfish Cloth Purchase | No Code Needed

Why we like it:  The Toadfish Put ’em Back Cloth is a killer product.  It’s durable, stylish, and affordable.  Plus, it adds an element of safety to cleaning your shellfish.  Plus, free anything is great!

Who is it good for?  Anyone who likes to entertain, eat shellfish, or clean shellfish.  This is a no brainer when it comes to safety and affordability.

Okuma SLX 2 Speed Reels | $20 Gift Card with Purchase | Use Code “OKUMA” at Checkout

Why we like it:  The SLX 2 Speed Reels are a great deal in and of themselves.  They have smooth drags, tons of power, and a reliable 2 speed mechanism.  Not to mention, these reels have outstanding line capacity.  Okuma brings an excellent value to the market with this reel and we are quite happy with their performance.  The free $20 card is a great way to save on lures, line, etc. for the season ahead.

Who is it good for?  Anglers updating their rod/reel set-ups, maybe looking for an alternative to the Penn Squall or Shimano TLD reels.  Anyone who wants a reel that performs well and won’t break the bank.  These are a durable and affordable 2 speed reel. 

Outrigger Release Clips with or without Thru-Wire | Save 59% While Supplies Last | Was 16.99 – Now $9.99 per pair

Why we like it:  The composite bodies and stainless hardware are very corrosion resistant.  Outrigger clips are one of those items that you’ll need to replace from time to time, and it always stinks spending up to $20 on a single clip.  These are a steal at $9.99 per pair.

Who is it good for?  Anyone who has outriggers, downriggers, or runs flat lines of their boat.  Replacing clips can be a good thing to add into your winter maintenance plan, might as well save some money on them!

Fish Razr Chugger Daisy Chains | Save 50% While Supplies Last | Was 29.99 – Now $14.99

Why we like it:  Daisy chains put fish in the boat.  These are nicely made and have the right colors of pink, blue, or chartreuse.  The chugger end doesn’t have a hook, but if you want to add one, there’s enough slack to do so.  This daisy chain is a crazy good deal just because the bags have some blemishes.

Who is it good for?  Anglers who run offshore targeting Mahi Mahi (Dolphin), Tuna, Billfish, Wahoo, etc.  If you’re shopping for someone who fishes offshore in a boat, this is a great deal and something they’ll be able to put to good use.  3 color options make it easy, too.

Epic Fishing Co. 10″ Crimper | Save 40% While Supplies Last | Was 24.99 – Now $14.99

Why we like it:  The Epic crimpers are well made.  The jaws are straight and the springs are strong, these are a hidden gem in terms of rigging tools.  The best thing about these crimpers is the handles, they’re comfortable to hold and won’t slip.  The extra cushion is nice when you’re making a bunch of rigs.

Who is it good for?  Anglers who are making their own rigs.  Folks who want an affordable crimper to keep on the boat.  Anyone setting up their own personal rigging station for the winter at home.  This product is an excellent value.

6 Piece Fillet Knife Set | Save 30% While Supplies Last | Was 29.99 – Now $19.99

Why we like it:  This kit has everything you need to fillet your catch.  It’s got 3 different knives, a sharpener, cutting board, and a pair of scissors.  The case is nice as it holds everything together.  The set is perfect for weekends spent at the beach or on the boat.  A lot of gear for just $19.99

Who is it good for?  Anyone who likes to eat what they catch, freshwater or saltwater.  Great for condos, beach houses, boats, or just to stick in the back of your truck.  Easy gift for Dad that doesn’t break the bank and is well made.

Epic 8″ Compact Hand Crimper | Save 44% While Supplies Last | Was 17.99 – Now $9.99

Why we like it:  The Epic 8″ Crimper is compact and easy to stow, but strong enough to handle most anything.  The handles are comfortable and provide plenty of grip.  A free sheath is included which is great for storing your crimper.  They use great springs on these little crimpers, the jaws are tight and in alignment.  All together, it’s the nicest small crimper you’ll find.

Who is it good for?  Anglers who like to make there own rigs.  Those trying to find a crimper that is small and easy to stow, but packs a punch.  People in need of multiple crimpers for different places (boat, garage, buddies house, etc.).  Anyone setting up a new rigging station or tackle box.

Save 10% Site Wide | Some Exclusions Apply

Why we like it:  It’s a good deal for our customers, and we LOVE our customers.  When you combine our lightning fast and affordable (or free in most cases) shipping with a discount like this, it’s impossible to beat.  We love giving folks a great deal on fishing gear.

Who is it good for?  Anyone who needs saltwater fishing gear, fishing lifestyle gifts, saltwater tools and accessories, lures, or anything else on the site.  It’s not valid on rods, reels, combos, or sale items.  But that’s understandable given the incredible pricing we have on those items.  

Epic Fishing Co. Lures | Free Hat with Purchase of any 4 | No Code Needed

Why we like it:  The Epic line of lures features vibrant colors and quality USA construction.  From the UV skirts to the 3D prismatic eyes, these lures are 100% domestic and will catch an array of species.  The free hat with any 4 is a killer deal and you can never have too many lures!

Who is it good for?  Any angler upgrading their spread for the new season.  Epic has a solid option for you; whether it’s a teaser bird or “machine style” lures you’re after.  All the colors are effective and can be a bit overwhelming, so if you’re shopping for an angler but are unsure, give us a call or email.  We are happy to help out.

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