Surf Fishing Starter Kit

  • Kit with Rigs, Weights, Hooks
  • Standard Kit + Bait Knife
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  • Regular price $7.99
  • Surf Fishing Starter Kit comes with all the basics for a successful weekend at the beach
  • Kit includes 4 Sea Striker 2 Drop rigs plus:
    • 8 Eagle Claw Long Shank Hooks
    • 4 Pyramid Sinkers (2x 2oz, 2x 4oz)
    • Option to add a bait knife 
  • Takes the guesswork out of your beach trip and saves time once you get there
  • Ideal for most surf fishing applications

Our Surf Fishing Starter Kit has what you need to get started surf fishing.  Just add bait.

The surf fishing starter kit is an easy and affordable way to get the gear you need for wetting a line at the coast.  This kit is small and easy to pack, plus it will save you money when compared to tourist prices in most any coastal town.  The basic kit has the rigs, weights, and hooks needed for most surf fishing applications.  You can also add a bait knife to make quick work of your preferred bait.  This kit is simple and effective for most surf fishing applications.

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