Egg Sinkers

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  • Egg sinkers sold in a broad range of popular sizes
  • Made in USA with clean lead
  • Great for everything from trolling to inshore
  • Sizes 3/4 and under sold in 50 count bags, all other sizes sold individually 
  • Some of the best pricing for egg sinkers on the internet


Egg sinkers in all the popular sizes!

We stock egg sinkers in a broad range of sizes.  Egg weights are used for inshore fishing, trolling lures, offshore bottom fishing, and everything in between.  Our fishing sinkers are cast from clean lead in the USA.  Because of this, our lead is tougher to damage than our competitors.  We offer these lead fishing weights in sizes from 1/4 to 16 ounces and have some of the best pricing on the web.  There are tons of places to get fishing sinkers online.  However, some are great and some are garbage.  Take our prompt shipping, great prices, and service into the equation.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  As a result, you'll receive your order long before the cheap guy even starts pouring.

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