Sea Vixen Flying Fish

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  • Head Length – Cupped Flyer 65″/17mm // Round 85″/22mm
  • Skirt Size – Custom Tube
  • Skirted Lure Length: 6.375″ / 16 cm
  • Weight – .7 oz / 20 grams (with tube)
  • Width: .72″ / 18mm // Wing Span: 13.75″/35 cm
  • Handmade in North Carolina
  • UV-infused
  • Innovative tube body provides life like action and added buoyancy for strikes even when stopped!
  • Round head shape is designed for long rigger or longer short rigger position as it doesn’t require as much angle as the cupped face
  • Cupped shape is designed for short rigger or flat line positions to grab the most water
  • Available rigged on fluoro with Sea Vixen’s proprietary hookset or unrigged


 Sea Vixen Flying Fish - Like the Real Thing but Better

Sea Vixen Flying Fish are truly something to behold.  Designed with an innovative "tube" body to provide buoyancy and a wild, life-like swing in the water.  Flying fish lures hold a pocket of air, allowing them to mimic a flying fish resting on the surface when you slow your boat.  This is important as you'll get strikes when you're not even trying.  As with our other Sea Vixen lures, the Flying Fish is UV-infused for incredible presentation.  Large Mylar wings also help with the realistic presentation of these vibrant lures.

We offer two variations of the Flying Fish.  A cup face with a slightly slower action cycle - 4 to 5 second cycle on the short outrigger and a 6 second period in the long outrigger position.  The other shape is a round nose.  The round nose is a fast period lure with a 2 to 3 second action cycle on the short outrigger and a 4 second action cycle on the long rigger.  The cup face moves more water and creates more splash than the round, it's all about what you're trying to achieve.  Both shapes have a beautiful "top hat" with blue on the top and clear on the bottom.  You'll also notice the large, forward-placed eyes, much like a real flying fish.

The coolest thing about Sea Vixen Lures is that they will 100% replace the need for Ballyhoo in your spread.  While they are slightly more expensive than traditional smaller lures, think of the overall cost savings.  Three packs of Ballyhoo is $40-$45/trip.  Plus there’s a great time saving aspect of using Sea Vixen Lures and not having to rig ballyhoo.  Just follow the angle/placement recommendations and you’ll be golden!

Every Sea Vixen Tackle lure is handmade in North Carolina. Co-founder Capt. Rick Croson is a well respected and very experienced skipper, every Sea Vixen lure has been tested and tuned for years by Rick and Living Waters Guide Service.  Sea Vixen makes each lure with a proprietary UV enhanced ballistic resin.  Tough as nails and pretty as can be!

Prop 65 Label