Rapala X Rap 8

  • Albino Shiner
  • Glass Ghost
  • Gold
  • Hot Pink
  • Moss Back Shiner
  • Purple Ghost
  • River Perch
  • Tennessee Olive Shad
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  • Rapala X Rap 8 is a classic slashbait
  • Swims 3-5' below the surface
  • Long casting design
  • Nice wobble on retrieve
  • Scales reflect light and improve bait presentation
  • 3-1/8" length
  • 1/4 ounce weight
  • 2x VMC 6/0 black nickel trebles - back one is dressed

Rapala X Rap 8 is a classic, effective slash bait for inshore fishing.

The X Rap 8 gives anglers options.  First, it casts like an absolute rocket, so even your neighbor with the T-rex arms can cast this thing a mile.  But...the real action comes on the retrieve.  With a versatile design, you can retrieve fast or slow for a hard slash or a soft wobble - the choice is yours.  With vibrant colors, 3D scales that reflect light, and dressed hooks, your presentation will be tough to equal. These hard baits are tested and tuned, proven effective on all kinds of saltwater species - from redfish to snook and all that lies between.

Prop 65 Label

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