The Zombait Fishing Lure is a clever innovation for fresh and saltwater fishing applications. Zombait Fishing Lure is the worlds first robotic dead bait enhancer.  Zombait makes these compact, reusable lures here in the USA. They use the same proven materials as Go Pro for cases and the NFL for helmets.  This innovative bait helper is 100% ready for the harsh conditions of the open ocean.  Zombait guarantees functionality in up to 200 feet of fresh or salt water.  We have the Zombait Starter Pack available on the site.

To use, simply insert the Zombait into your dead bait of choice and go fishing.  The batteries are rechargeable with a cycle of about 3-4 hours.  Each kit contains a handy bag, battery charger, USB cable, and a Zombait lure.


The Zombait starter pack is an innovative way to bring your dead bait to life!

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