Saltwater Rigging How To

Learn how to fish for different species with our Saltwater Rigging How To Videos

Our saltwater rigging how to videos show how to get set-up for success in several different ways.  We have videos for trolling weights, planer bridles, crimping, finishing off wire, and more.  Here at The Tackle Room, we work hard to help our fellow anglers catch more fish.  With our expanding video library, you can pick up several key techniques.  If you ever find yourself struggling to get the hang of something, just give us a call, email, or live chat.  We are here and happy to help.  We also want to hear from you if there are other videos you’d like to see.  Sometimes we struggle to come up with new topics, any help is welcome.

How to Choose the Right Crimp Sleeve

How to Make a Shock Leader for Wahoo Fishing

How to Rig High Speed Trolling Weights

How to Sharpen Fishing Hooks

How to Splice Mono to Braid

How to Properly Crimp Saltwater Fishing Leaders

How to Brine Ballyhoo

How to Properly Set the Drag on a Conventional Reel

How to Make a Ballyhoo Rig

How to Choose the Right Hook for your Lure

How to Set Up a Planer Bridle

How to Re-Skirt a Lure

How to Make a Bottom Fishing Rig

How to Rinse Reels after Saltwater Fishing

How to Break Wire off a Haywire Twist

How to Make a Dolphin Weenie










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