How to set up a planer bridle system for offshore fishing

Inline planers are an easy way to catch big Wahoo while trolling

Learn how to set up a planer bridle system for offshore fishing with our quick video.  Planer bridles are popular for Wahoo fishing, Tuna fishing, and any other time you’d like to get baits deep. 

Planer bridle systems work great and eliminate a lot of the hassle associated with traditional planer systems like hand lines.  There are two big reasons bridles are preferred over handlines or downriggers.  The first is that you don’t have a secondary release to fool with, rubber bands break, shower curtains break, double snap swivels aren’t the cheapest, etc.  Even better, with the inline planer set-up, you don’t have to bring a planer in hand over hand.  It’s much easier to check your lure with a bridle system, which comes in handy when fishing in or near grass.  Another benefit of the bridle system is how easy it is to deploy.  It’s basically the same as letting out any of your other trolling lines, except you’ve got a planer to set.  An inline planer makes fishing a bit more fun and it definitely helps you keep your bait or lures in the water more throughout the day.

Here in the south east US, we typically use an inline or bridled planer to chase Wahoo in the Gulf Stream.  You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to use a bridle than the other traditional set-ups.  We make our planer bridles in house with the best materials.  In addition to bridles, we have the clips, planers, and a large assortment of lures for offshore fishing.

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